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Website Update: April 2, 2014

Welcome to Total Avatar Shop - Please Read before purchasing

This is your ONE stop virtual world shop. Purchase items for your avatar and I will deliver to ANY virtual world. We use Paypal (a trusted money source) to insure a comfortable and safe transaction. And it doesn't matter where you are in the real world, Paypal is worldwide.

IMPORTANT! Please be sure to specify the virtual world you are in and also your avatar name for accurate & fast delivery in the special instructions area of Paypal. Or, send me an email with your special instructions at sunmadefashions@gmail.com
UPDATE: I now have a delivery box which can be left on your land and only the customer can retrieve their items. It is a great new tool for getting items delivered quickly! Worry free delivery!

2009 to 2014

Grid Information

Grid list for Total Avatar Shops

Inworldz (Main store on Total Avatar Island)

Zandramas (Total Avatar Island)

OSGrid (Sunny Island)

Virtyou - (Ninesim Plaza)

Kitely - No store, but will deliver

Island Oasis No store, but will deliver

New World Grid No store, but will deliver

3rd Rock Grid No store, but will deliver

Metropolis No store, but will deliver

Tertiary Grid No store, but will deliver

Virtual Worlds Grid No store, but will deliver

If you have a private grid, I'm willing to deliver there as well. I can deliver anywhere in the virtual world!
Please email sunmadefashions@gmail.com

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